Mimosas Anybody?


by Breezer

Breezer had recently undergone a brand relaunch and was rebuilding its portfolio rooted in new consumer segmentation and portfolio strategy. We embarked on an innovation ideation process – identifying key cultural and category trends, translating those trends into category truths and opportunities, and ultimately creating new product concepts that were deeply rooted in consumer insights, relevant usage occasions, and importantly, addressed white space opportunities within the Breezer portfolio.



Breezer Citrus
Day Parts

The Ready-to-Drink cooler category in Canada is heavily reliant on annual product innovation in order to drive new news and excitement.

DAY by Breezer was inspired by the core insight that the heart of the brunch occasion goes beyond the food – it provides an opportunity for people to socialize, connect and share stories with each other in a light-hearted, celebratory way. DAY is a line of refreshing twists on brunch classics to be enjoyed at any time of day when sharing good times with friends and family.