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The Beacon Talent Group

While Beacon Talent Group is a new player in the executive recruitment industry, the principals were not. They envisioned their new company as powerful, professional, and sophisticated and tasked us to bring their vision to life through their branding and identity.



Beacon Portrait Background
Business Cards with Branding Text

The word “beacon” evokes a sense of reliability and direction. It would position the recruitment agency as a guiding light to success.

Our first milestone was to help build their branding and develop a name that telegraphed their vision. Then we focused on their visual identity system and their online presence. The creative expression of Beacon Talent Group needed to be bold, daring, different and simple. The end result: branding that reflects their experience, their knowledge, and positions them as a trusted boutique search firm focused on aligning the needs and interests of their clients and candidates.

Maple Leaf New Year
Beacon Website
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